Calm Amidst The Chaos

The world around us is changing right before our very eyes and the effects will last a lifetime. Navigating yourself through the chaos and noise may feel daunting. Whether you’re concern is in financing, job security, home schooling, childcare, health issues or a myriad of other issues. The point is how do you create calm? You do so by identifying the main issue of concern and allowing the noise and chaos to fall away. Let the opinions and thoughts of others fade into the distance, leaving you to focus on one main thought. This will allow you to bring forth awareness and clarity.

If you’re finding yourself in need of clarity because of a loved ones battle with addiction or you’re overwhelmed by a passing of a family member due to addiction, I invite you to join our Facebook Family Community of like minded individuals who will help you sort through the difficulties that are arising.

Experiencing Your Surroundings

How many times have you been for a walk, you probably couldn’t even count them, right, it’s been that many. What if I told you that all those walks you took, weren’t really walks. I say this, because half the time you go for a walk, you don’t stop to take in your surroundings, soak it up, I mean, not just skimming the surface. For a walk to be considered, a walk. It needs to be experienced, which means you take it in, by using your 5 senses.

1.) Sight – What do you see, allow your mind, body and spirit to experience it, by noticing the colour, shape and size. Allow yourself to be curious about it.

2.) Sound – Listen to the sounds by noticing the tone, pitch, and duration of the sound, where it’s coming from, what’s making it and how does it make you feel.

3.) Smell – Describe the smell, does it have one, is it fresh, sweet, airy, or musty and rancid, is the smell strong or weak, does it linger or fade off into the distance. Does it entice or repel the senses, does the smell evoke a memory, if so, is it pleasurable or painful.

4.) Taste – Can you physically taste it, is it eatable like a strawberry or a blade of grass, or does it smell, leaving a lingering taste in your mouth.

5.) Touch – How does it feel, is it soft or hard, is it big or small, is it warm or cold, describe it.

When I go for a walk, I like to take my shoes off, so, I can feel the ground beneath my feet, I can describe the surface I’m walking on. I like to pickup and carry a part of my surroundings with me, like a flower, pebble or stone. I caress or feel the object in order to take it in, while observing the colour, shape and size. I might pick up a blade of grass and place it in my hand or walk by and skim the top of the long wheatgrass. Sometimes, I’ll stop to pet a dog or have a conversation with a stranger, I might make my way to the park, just to sit on the swings. The point is I blend in with my surroundings in order to take it all in, this is how walks were meant to be!

Experiencing A Walk

A Glimpse, At My Story!

When I started my journey into addiction, I did so at a very young age, it was one of curiosity. Both my parents were alcoholics and so were both my grandparents. I would enter into addiction thinking everyone lived this way, to later find out that was far from the truth. My parents inability to manage life, left me lacking that inability too. It also became apparent later, when I was to have children of my own. I would discover an inability to show affection, as a child I viewed many forms of emotion, affection was not one of them. Drama and disfunction became our way of life. Unaware of the aftermath of addiction, I was to become a free agent in a world I knew nothing about. Leaving home at 16 and having experienced the effects addiction has on a family, I was to enter a life filled with abuse and turmoil, bound to repeat a pattern I knew, all to well. Realizing, I had no safety net to fall back on. I would slowly retreat into a life of familiarity. Addiction was my life experience and it had taken me to many places, treatment centres and mental institutions, causing my first suicide attempt at the ripe old age of 21, I had entered into a dark place, one of desperation and emptiness. To find recovery, or did recovery find me. I had discovered the meaning of life, buried within the pain of grief and loss. It was there, where life is celebrated. In each moment, no more important than the next, that you see the beauty, when life draws its final breath. The importance one life has on another, was to send me on a journey to self discovery, one I’d like to call, from me, with love.

Watching over me!

Barring Witness

We bare witness to our beliefs everyday. It’s in the words we speak, the deeds we perform on a regular basis. It’s in the way we choose to live, the friends we have, the foods we eat, everything we do is surrounded by these beliefs. If you take one away you would have to replace it with another or you would only revert back to your initial belief, each one was constructed in such a way that they are reinforced by others. It’s taken a lifespan to construct, so removing and replacing even one, requires work and dedication, it will never be a quick fix a band aid solution. This is a job where the rewards far exceeds the benefits.

Making it possible one step at a time!

Optimistically Thinking

Outside of my addiction I found that I am an optimist, I see the brighter side of life, always noticing the good in everything. Even when I’m having a bad day, I believe there’s something to be learned by it all. Know matter how cloudy the day the sun is shining somewhere. This attitude serves me well because no matter what I may be going through it’s always for the best. I say, give me this or better and it’s always better, it’s the law of attraction at it’s finest. As far as I’m concerned, nothing can be worst than one of my bad days using. When you look at your life in moments, there’s nothing you can’t handle when you remember to breathe, just breathe!


The connections we make determine our success or our failures. We choose them based on our beliefs. For example, if we’re insecure and untrustworthy, our connections will be insecure and untrustworthy. We cannot secure positive traits from others unless we embody them ourselves. Based on this knowledge, in order for growth to exist you must first embody what you desire in others, and your connections will be drawn to you, your supports will either motivate or deflate. Choose them wisely.

The Way I See It

When you find yourself in a toxic lifestyle, your reacting to everything around you, and everything you see and feel is negative. Therefore, your outlook on life, will reflect that. When you get clean and sober, you begin to view your life differently. You learn that life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you. We realize that we’re responsible for our lives, and we are in control of our choices. That realization, is powerful it changes your view of the world, and will empower you to make better choices. Information is power, when you know better, you do better, and we all benefit from that.

“Be the change, the world needs to see.”


When you try to connect your beliefs to a pattern of behaviour that you exhibit, it can be difficult. For instance, if I believe that I’m not good enough, then I’m going to choose friends and loved ones who continue to allow me to support that belief. because it gives me the specific outcome, I’m looking for. That’s why, recovery is so difficult, it’s based on change, and change is uncomfortable. Needless to say, there are so many feelings wrapped up in those old beliefs, You built a life upon them. The problem with those beliefs, are they no longer serve you. Releasing them will provide you with the opportunity to enforce positive behaviour which will support growth and expansion.