Creatively Speaking

I choose to use creativity to access all my emotional parts, by using inner dialogue it allows me to name each and everyone of my emotions, and ultimately claim the individual patterns that they created. Once you can except that your personality is a collection of patterns. It becomes easier to see how your emotions can be triggered. Creativity can open up a brand new way of seeing things. As children it was readily available to us at any given time, until society’s programming stripped us of our innate ability. Creativity is still alive in all of us, all we have to do is connect with it. The best way to do that, is through reflection. So, take a moment and recall a time as a child when you were being creative. You might of been building a fort with sheets, and cushions or making paper dolls. Bring that image to the forefront of your mind. Then let that image embody you, begin to invoke the freedom and pleasure that comes from that creative space. Now, this may take some getting used to. But with practice you can learn to evoke different emotions with varying affects. The point is we are all capable of accessing our own creativity, with practise it will become easier. Just remember to have fun!

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