For the last week I’ve been rearranging my content. You hear so much about honing in on your niche, finding your niche. That I finally decided to focus in on just one thing and concentrate specifically on that. So, keeping that in mind l will be writing my blog contents on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The content will be about identifying old patterns and beliefs. Behind every choice you make there is a belief that supports it. Finding that belief will change your life. We seldom realize that the beliefs we hold affect our lives dramatically, from the individual beliefs we have about ourselves as a whole, to the overall beliefs we have about society in regards to our outlook on life and the mental repercussions that has in our day to day living. Our beliefs come from old programming and patterns that have been set in place to support and reinforce our life through the years. The problem you will find with that is they know longer support the changes your trying to make. All there doing is blocking your progress and causing you unneeded stress and strain. It’s time to reclaim your life. Those beliefs were never yours in the first place, they belong to the past, it’s time to give them back.

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