What A Day

It was one of those mornings that I should of stayed in bed. First, I put out Sunday’s content, and we all know today isn’t Sunday. That should of clearly said something, there and then. But, no it goes on. I then get the right content out, with you guessed it, mistakes. Now I’m clearly left with a choice, do I go back and try to fix it, making an ass of myself, or do I leave it, because we all make mistakes, right. Well instead, I did this!

This is how I decided to deal with the rest of my day. “ when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

One thought on “What A Day

  1. And that’s exactly how you get to be Authentically You! We all have those days lol. I’m so glad to hear that were able to accept the mistakes and move forward (because I know that is NOT easy to do!) Have a wonderful day Wendy!


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