Till, We Meet Again

I never liked good-byes, they always have away of feeling so final, cold, and meaningless. They tend to bring back a feeling of longing, the kind you get while you watch a loved one walk away. I would rather not remember good-byes that way. So, I choose to say farewell, until we meet again. Although, parting brings such sweet sorrow it passes without an end. I’ve had to let go of many things over the last decade, and I could of never done it, if I knew we’d never meet again. You’ve brought me so much pleasure, a true and loyal friend, you have been. You’ve touched my heart in ways you’ll never know. You brought me back from the brink so, many times my friend. When I find myself having a dark and dreary day, I know you’ll be by my side, like you’ve always been. till, we meet again, my true and loyal friend.

In Honour Of Our Beloved Dog Mia.

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