I never imagined that my life would lead me where it has. I always considered myself a foreword thinker. My mind was always open to big ideas. I was never the type to give up, ever, on anything. Always a regular go getter. One of those people who never seem to get enough, and when I say enough, I mean of anything. I was a vacant hole, always needing to be filled. When I found myself lacking, I would proceed to act out in order to get my way. When you use negative behaviour to get your needs met. Those behaviours find a way to feed off themselves, making them destructive, if not dealt with. In most cases, they sabotage any success you think you may have. Putting positive supports in place, and dealing with issues as they come up, will help to ensure a more positive outcome. Looking back and seeing what had to be changed in order to make this possible, has cleared away any doubt I may of had. My future is now clear to be, anything I want it to be.

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