Experiencing Your Surroundings

How many times have you been for a walk, you probably couldn’t even count them, right, it’s been that many. What if I told you that all those walks you took, weren’t really walks. I say this, because half the time you go for a walk, you don’t stop to take in your surroundings, soak it up, I mean, not just skimming the surface. For a walk to be considered, a walk. It needs to be experienced, which means you take it in, by using your 5 senses.

1.) Sight – What do you see, allow your mind, body and spirit to experience it, by noticing the colour, shape and size. Allow yourself to be curious about it.

2.) Sound – Listen to the sounds by noticing the tone, pitch, and duration of the sound, where it’s coming from, what’s making it and how does it make you feel.

3.) Smell – Describe the smell, does it have one, is it fresh, sweet, airy, or musty and rancid, is the smell strong or weak, does it linger or fade off into the distance. Does it entice or repel the senses, does the smell evoke a memory, if so, is it pleasurable or painful.

4.) Taste – Can you physically taste it, is it eatable like a strawberry or a blade of grass, or does it smell, leaving a lingering taste in your mouth.

5.) Touch – How does it feel, is it soft or hard, is it big or small, is it warm or cold, describe it.

When I go for a walk, I like to take my shoes off, so, I can feel the ground beneath my feet, I can describe the surface I’m walking on. I like to pickup and carry a part of my surroundings with me, like a flower, pebble or stone. I caress or feel the object in order to take it in, while observing the colour, shape and size. I might pick up a blade of grass and place it in my hand or walk by and skim the top of the long wheatgrass. Sometimes, I’ll stop to pet a dog or have a conversation with a stranger, I might make my way to the park, just to sit on the swings. The point is I blend in with my surroundings in order to take it all in, this is how walks were meant to be!

Experiencing A Walk

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