The Call

You teach what you know, that’s the understanding I came to believe! A good portion of my life, was lead with no strict guidelines, no consequences or rules, causing instability and uncertainty. The morals and values that were instilled within my mind, were contradictory. It was a do as I say, not as I do, lifestyle. One of confusion, for a child. My idea of family always came from a longing, for the things I never had. That’s when I began to reach outside of myself, to fill my needs and before long, it was the only way, they were met. This only led to a life of wanting. I always found myself trying to fill an emptiness or void, I felt within myself, an endless need that would never be met, alcohol and drugs couldn’t truly make that feeling go away. Until, my body, mind and spirit, began to hear the call, the call that would not be denied, it was telling me, it’s time. My inner knowing had been awakened.

Inner knowing

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