For the last week I’ve been rearranging my content. You hear so much about honing in on your niche, finding your niche. That I finally decided to focus in on just one thing and concentrate specifically on that. So, keeping that in mind l will be writing my blog contents on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The content will be about identifying old patterns and beliefs. Behind every choice you make there is a belief that supports it. Finding that belief will change your life. We seldom realize that the beliefs we hold affect our lives dramatically, from the individual beliefs we have about ourselves as a whole, to the overall beliefs we have about society in regards to our outlook on life and the mental repercussions that has in our day to day living. Our beliefs come from old programming and patterns that have been set in place to support and reinforce our life through the years. The problem you will find with that is they know longer support the changes your trying to make. All there doing is blocking your progress and causing you unneeded stress and strain. It’s time to reclaim your life. Those beliefs were never yours in the first place, they belong to the past, it’s time to give them back.

Honouring The Self

I have now dedicated Monday’s to honouring the self, not in the usual way, I’ve put a bit of a spin on it. We’re going to explore the self based on what you believe. As young children we were instilled with a set of beliefs, and these beliefs were reinforced through the years by others. Until eventually, you came to believe in them yourself. These beliefs soon became the cornerstone of our life, we would ensure our failures upon them. For every decision you make there is a belief that supports it. In exploring the self, I will help you to see yourself through your beliefs.

Being Guided

It was around this time last year, when I had made a decision to start my own business. I had know idea how, or where to begin. I just knew this was what I was meant to do. Now, let me go back to the beginning, It was June 2/2015 when our 19 year old son passed away. This is a loss every mother fears. My heart was broken, just remember brings tears to my eyes. The difference this time is it’s not sadness, that fills these tears in my eyes. It’s the pure joy of knowing, that Ryan isn’t gone. I’m getting ahead of myself, let me start again. For the first three years after Ryan passed over, I spent that time, with him! The time that I needed, to let him know that I was angry, angry that I never got the chance to say goodbye, angry that I was going to miss so many magically moments, I just felt angry! Then one day longing crept in, and I missed my son, I longed to kiss his sweet face and give him a long embrace. I felt as if he were lost, and that he was going to come running in the door any minute. So, I decided I was going to keep him close to me, somehow I felt comfort in that. I proceeded to gather all my favourite things, that reminded me of Ryan, and I took the time to be with the memory that each one brought. First there was a letter he wrote me for mother’s day

It now as a place on my bedroom side table. I want to let you know a bit about a dream Ryan had for himself, he wanted to be in computer animation. So, when I decided to start my own business, and all I know about computers is how to turn them on. So, from last year to this year, I started a business, and a Facebook group . I have an instagram group, @wendycurrieo . I’m now a blogger. And I also do all my own marketing, with constant contact’s help, of course. But, what I’m trying to say is I’m not alone, Ryan is guiding me every step of the way.

Honouring The Past

We honour our past when we choose to look upon our life as a roadmap to self discovery. It allows us to see what we’ve learned, and how far we’ve come. It stops us from taking things personally and gives us a full view of the landscape that still need to be covered. We can take responsibility for our behaviour, because we’re aware of our part in it, and we thank our elders for showing us where they had made their mistakes, in order to give us an opportunity to change it. We honour your wisdom, by walking proudly into our future, one step at a time.

Creatively Speaking

I always wondered why we find the truth to be so elusive. In daily discussion or ordinary conversations, why one feels the need to lie , or even embellish. The first thought to come to mind is to protect, but protect against what? one might ask. Do we honestly believe that the truth is the culprit, and that speaking it or believing in it, is going to cause us more pain. Why do we feel the need to hide from the truth, giving it fangs and horns only adds fear to an already elusive beast, and running from it certainly doesn’t slow it down. It’s bound to catch up with you at some point, then what do you do? Keep running or keep lying. One thing is for sure, after awhile it’ll be to difficult to tell the difference anymore, because one lie leads to another, then another, and yet another. Who knows anymore, right!

Deny Me, Not

Denial is known as a “refusal to see.” This happens when an individual’s perception of reality is challenged. They protect themselves from the truth by believing in a lie. No matter what you say there is no way to convince them otherwise, because knowing their truth, would shatter the illusion of life as they know it. Therefore, making that life meaningless. That’s why people can’t change, until they become ready. I call it the “desire” otherwise known as “the willingness” to believe. This becomes the crack in the door, the first step.

Honouring The Past

Reflection is a great learning tool, it allows us to acknowledge our mistakes and make revisions. The past also allows us the ability to see our patterns and become aware of the way we respond to them. This knowledge is profound, when it comes to change. Being able to understand what drives and motivates specific behaviour is necessary in healing.

Creatively Speaking

How do I choose to make an impact, what is it that fuels me. These are the questions that have baffled many. In most cases the answers are found when you stop searching. It’s then that we become open, open to receive the answers. Most of my lessons were learned when I became willing and vulnerable. I like to refer to it as the ripple affect. Pain creates vulnerability, which creates healing, which creates change. Looking at the ripple affect, on a grander scale you can see how the actions of one can affect many. Thinking this way allows us to see how we make an impact on others by the words we speak and the actions that we carelessly perform each and everyday. Taking responsibility is how to impact the world and it will fuel new behaviour and change for you and everyone it touches. Remember, all roads lead back to you.